The overall strategy of IMMERSE is to transfer the Digital Momentary Mental Health device (DMMH) from a research tool to a clinical prototype ready for use in clinical practice. The DMMH transfer work packages cover the prototype development of DMMH (WP2), the data management, data security and interoperability, linking DMMH to the local patient files (WP3) and modelling and statistics developing both basic statistics for data visualisation as well as machine learning modelling (WP4). We also aim to identify and overcome key barriers and facilitators for implementation and scale up of DMMH in routine mental health care practice, focusing both on stakeholder engagement, including service-users, clinicians as well as hospital management (WP5) and the ethical and legal framework (WP6). We then will run a prospective implementation study in 4 EU countries evaluating the implementation processes, outcomes and costs of implementing DMMH in routine mental health care (WP7). Finally, we will develop a tailored plan for further dissemination and exploitation, scaling up DMMH to the wider mental clinical health market (WP 1 and 8).