Let's take a MoMent!

Thank you for taking part in the IMMERSE study. By participating in the study you are contribuiting with the integration of digital mobile mental health into clinical routine care.

As a clinician, MoMent will provide you with two tools to incorporate in your day to day patient care: 


Getting started

Before implementing the MoMent, would you like to know what are some benefits of the MoMent App? What is Momentary Daily Assessment?  How is could be integrated with clinical care?

Basic Configuration

This section will teach you:

  • How to set up your account in Therapy Designer?
  • How to enroll on the DMMH intervention? 
  • How to pair your client's device with Therapy Designer?

Personalisation of Add-ons

This section convers:

  • How to set up the questionnaires?
  • How to personalised time scheduale and KPA?
  • How to personalise the ESM items to suit the individual needs of your clients?

Feedback visualisations

  • What are the available visualizations?
  • How to get the most out of the feedback?
  • How to use the hoovering function?

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you experiencing technical difficulties? Is there something that you waht to know how to do? Check this section! 



Access the MoMent Manual for detail information about the trial, the Moment App, and Therapy Designer


Easy, readble, and compact cheatsheet that will help you setting up MoMent with your patients 


Practice workshops to learn how to manage and personalise MoMent.
Book or watch previously recorded workshops

Do you still have some questions?