Therapy Configuration

Edit and Save Add-on modules

This video is a step-to-step guide to edit, save and modify Add-on Modules when configuring the intervention with your client. You could also find a step-by-step guide in

the Manual for Clinicians.


You can only select up to 10 additional Add-on items for the intervention.

Morning module, Evening module, and Core module are automatically included as part of the intervention.

Add-on modules include

items to keep track of:

1. Psychotic Symptoms

Including positive and negative symptoms 

2. Suicidal Thoughts

Including Snon-suicidal self-injury behaviours and suicidal thoughts

3. Substance Misuse

This module allows you to modify the substance of interest, and assess momentary urge of consumption.

4. (Hypo) manic symptoms

Including self-confidence, talkativeness, racing thoughts and activity level

5. Trauma-realted symptoms

Track intrusive thoughts and memories, physical reactions and avoidant behaviours.

6. Obsessions and Compulsions

This module could help you track intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviours.

7. Eating behaviours

This module tracks appetite, binge eating, avoidant behaviours to gain weight and self-criticism. 


Transdiagnostic Modules


Somatic symptoms



Emotion Regulation

Reflecting Functioning

Experiential Avoidance

Repetitive Negative Thinking

Add Supervisors to your clients

We recognise that an important part of any intervention is Clinical Supervision with collegues. In Therapy Designer, you will have the role of "Supervisor" of your client and you can add other therapist in this role. 

The supervisors can only access data of the participants assigned to them.

Click in the blue button titled "Add Supervisor" on the right to do it.


Now, you are ready to explore the visualisations of the dashboard with your client 

Please go to the next section to learn more about using visualisation in your intervention