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Coping in Daily Life

Islay Barne

The University of Edinburgh

In this enlightening blog, Islay delves into the intricate realm of coping strategies and their profound effects on mental health within the framework of the IMMERSE project.


Handling IMMERSE research data

Data Management Team

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen /
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

In this blog post, the data management team explains how they manage all data collected in our clinical studies. You would not expect it, but it is a bit like cooking a complex stew!


The IMPROVE pilot study

Jeroen Weermeijer


In this blog post, Jeroen writes about the IMPROVE pilot study. In this study he tested the usability of ESM software in a clinical setting.


Using AI to predict the dynamics of mental health

Manuel Brenner


In this blog post, Manuel explores the capacity of artificial intelligence to forecast trends and reveal concealed patterns. Learn more about how the IMMERSE project plays a role in advancing his research.


Transforming Mental Health Research: Lived Experiences

Lena de Thurah

KU Leuven

In this blog, Lena talks about the vital role of participatory research in mental health studies. Discover how diverse experiences shape meaningful interventions within the IMMERSE project.


mHealth for Addiction treatment

Adam Kurilla

Comenius University Bratislava

In this blog, Adam highlights the need to investigate key factors that individuals find crucial for embracing technology as part of their therapeutic journey. In particular, for individuals battling addiction.


Mentalizing the IMMERSE project

Koraima Sotomayor-Enriquez

The University of Edinburgh

In this blog, Koraima delves into the exciting possibilities of using mobile technology developed in IMMERSE for investigating mentalization — a psychological skill that helps us make sense of the relational world around us.