Phase I - End-user Engagement

To align new technology and products to the needs and preferences of those who use them, it is necessary for users to become engaged in the development of such new technology and products.  In order to create the DMMH system, a digital system to support therapy, we, therefore, conducted a participatory field study. In this study, each country invited 4 different groups of participants. These include: service users of mental health care, clinicians, service users' support network, and health care administrators/managers.

All participant groups were invited to complete a set of questionnaires (part A) and/or to participate in a semi-structured qualitative interview (part B). All this information will give us more insight into the barriers and facilitators that may influence the implementation of the DMMH system across the four participating countries. It will allow us to learn more about the needs of these different participant groups, and how they would like to learn and implement the system.