WP5 - Stakeholder Involvement

Ensuring a good overall user experience is crucial to the successful uptake of the DMMH intervention. WP5 conducts user experience work with key stakeholder groups to gain an in-depth understanding of the context of use, the technology available to users, and technology appropriation processes. This work informs the revision of the initial DMMH prototype (WP2), as well as the creation of implementation strategies and the final realist evaluation.

The people involved

Dr. Maria Wolters

Reader in Design Informatics at the School of Informatics, lead of Stakeholder Experience work package (WP5)

Dr. Simona Di Folco

Postdoctoral Fellow at UEDIN, involved in stakeholder involvement and clinical implementation (WP5 and WP7)

Dr. Theresa Ikegwuonu

Research Associate at UEDIN, involved in stakeholder involvement  (WP5)