Implementing Mobile MEntal health Recording Strategy for Europe


IMMERSE (Implementing Mobile MEntal health Recording Strategy for Europe) brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers with the aim to advance the transformation of mental health care in Europe into true person-centered care. We strongly believe that treatment should be particularly focused on the needs of each individual seeking help for mental health problems, while these individuals should also have a more active role in their treatment process and decision-making.


IMMERSE will therefore build on 20 years of experience using Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM), a structured diary technique, as the methodology that puts the service user at the heart of their treatment. Within IMMERSE, we aim to further transform ESM into an innovative, clinical digital health tool, Digital Mobile Mental Health (DMMH), in close collaboration with stakeholders, while also specifically evaluating the implementation of this tool in routine mental health care in four countries in Europe. 


By conducting a thorough implementation study including identifying and overcoming several barriers for implementation, we aim for a further scale-up of DMMH in routine clinical healthcare, thus offering a unique potential to significantly innovate mental health care in Europe and beyond.